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Refractory Solutions

Ayoga is a cloud based refractory project management & collaboration software that enables project life cycle management in a single platform.

As an integrated system , Ayoga connects core project functions like Design Management, Refractory Production Tracking, Scheduling, Installation, Project Budgeting and Site management aiding team collaboration and data interaction resulting in improved efficiency across process

Serves as the “single source of truth” for all project documentation and enables rapid communication and feedback across the company


Extraordinary Software Development Solutions for Refractory Industry

REFRAMANAGER It is the first all-in-one technical Refractory Software developed on purpose for the cement manufacturing industry available on the market. It gets easy integrated and it can interact with the user, showing in a few steps all the parameters involved in the Refractories Specific Consumptions. It allows to keep next to the hand a pretty detailed scheme of the Refractory Installed in the pre-heating tower, in the rotary kiln and in the cooler. It shows and compares in a user-friendly way all the historical data for each plant, leading to a constantly updated overview on each plant Refractory Consumptions and Refractory Distribution. It is always possible to recall in a few clicks all the details concerning any shutdown (i.e. lining costs, contractors costs, refractories lifetime, technical drawings, historical outputs, etc.). Everything can be sorted by supplier, plant, country, refractory quality, to get in a couple of seconds powerful and useful statistics and interesting graphs pretty detailed.

Dalmia Refractories Limited (DRL) is a part of one of India’s oldest business conglomerates, Dalmia Bharat Group. Set up in 1973, DRL (previously Shri Nataraj Ceramics and Chemical Industries Ltd.) is a pioneer in High Alumina refractory bricks for the Indian cement industry. DRL enjoys over 50% market share in High Alumina refractory bricks and provides complete line of services including refractory design and layout for green field projects, refractory application and maintenance.

Refractory Software Development Solutions include

  • Unit System
  • Layer Generator
  • Refractory Selection
  • Cold side Emissivity
  • Convection on cold side
  • Process gas on hot side
  • Division of Layers into sublayers
  • Conductivity function of temperature
  • Porosity Consideration
  • Straight and Curved Surfaces
  • Surface Orientation
  • Transient Analysis

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