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Logistics Solutions

we leverage our IT expertise in developing technological solutions which drive higher efficiency from the actual operations. Whether it is consignment acknowledgment, roadmap for performing services to the users or any other real time operation needs of the logistics firms or employees, our customized solutions will derive the best value for every operation of a logistics firm.

The best part of our logistics IT services is that the companies will now be able to perform tight control over their actual day-to-day operations with our IT solutions thereby yielding better profits and value from their business.

We help the transportation firms to meet their emerging technology needs for higher efficiency and productivity realization. We have expert resources, strong domain knowledge and significant experience in developing reliable IT solutions that can help logistic service providers to mitigate risks and open up new earning opportunities for them.


Advantage of Logistics Industry

iDigitalKing’s logistics practice comprising of expert developers with relevant experience in logistics sector is well-defined to satisfy the emerging and changing needs of the logistics service providers with the on-going time. We have the technical capabilities, resources and the infrastructure to support all kinds of the present as well as future technological needs of our customers belonging to the logistics sector. Right from enhancing the customer experiences to optimizing the transport management process of logistics firms, we have explicit solutions to empower logistics service providers to improve their service delivery and drive customer centricity.

iDigitalKing has been delivering robust and comprehensive Supply Chain Software Solutions & Logistics Mobility Solutions to some of the leading companies globally. With the Shipping industry playing a key role in the global economy, the need of the hour is robust and comprehensive SCM software solution that can help organizations in this domain streamline, manage and execute operations swiftly, smoothly and efficiently.

Our Education Portfolio and Capability includes

  • Mobile application development for logistics firms
  • Routing optimization with mobility
  • Real-time supply chain visibility applications
  • Asset management and tracking
  • BI solutions for freight insights
  • Solutions for handling ecommerce activities
  • Returns or reverse logistics
  • Shipment Tracking
  • IT services for secure & general logistics service providers
  • Transportation & warehouse management solutions


Traditional Tools Dependency

Dependency on the traditional tools and equipment is one of the biggest reasons for non-profitable businesses. Poor technologies used in the sector gives results.

Regulation Acceptance

The industry is one of the biggest and has a long-line up of rules and regulations imposed by the government.

Market Competition

Automobile industry is heavily competitive which leads to a great competition in pricing. And as cost is the biggest factor that defines how business will adopt to change in process.

Isolated Groups

The process of decision making is complicated, isolated groups and remote assemblies add up to their complications like increased costs and poor-quality services.

Global Expansion

Automobile sectors has a world wide presence and it implies a large set of opportunities on global levels can be explored and leveraged to push your business.

Technology Implementation

Technology and automobile industry have a lot of scope for digitalization, right technology implementation thus can add to improved processes.

New Process

Utilizing technology can be pragmatic step for business and this new approach will be more fruitful for businesses in terms of reduced losses due to bad management.

The Cost Factor

Cost is one of the biggest factors for any industry and auto industry is no less. Cost changes the way people look forward to adoption and thus, web and mobile solutions.

Mobile Technology

The world of automobile industry is now no longer remote, businesses can track their business activities in one go with powerful transportation technology solutions.

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We enjoy adapting our strategies to offer every client the best solutions that are at the forefront of the industry.

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We enjoy adapting our strategies to offer every client the best solutions that are at the forefront of the industry.