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Digitize & Grow your F&B Sales and operations with POS features that seamlessly connect you & your guests.

Hotel And Restaurant Management Software

Focus e-RMS is a cloud-based hotel and restaurant management software from Focus Softnet, one of the top providers of ERP solutions in GCC. It is a VAT compliant hotel management software system that caters to the requirements of hotels, restaurants and other hospitality enterprises.

Focus e-RMS is a comprehensive hotel management system. From managing table-booking to billing and accounting, it covers all aspects of your restaurant business. Its user-friendly interface enables restaurant managers to oversee and control all operations, whether in the kitchen or at the tables.



Feeling tired running after the guests round the clock? Even after doing everything in your capability, do you still feel like missing 'that something' that will thrive your hotel business? Wondering what could possibly get your brand a cosy stay in the hearts of the customers?

You guessed it right. Here we come with a complete hotel management system HotelDesk, engineered to meet all the challenges that have so far been a hindrance to the popularity your business deserved.

HotelDesk is an end-to-end, intuitive, integrated system software developed with careful considerations from the perspective of a consumer. Entire business operations of a hotel are listed in the product workflow that never misses to enhance the operations, improve the business accessibility and increase revenue while being a strong companion in the business growth.

HotelDesk, with all the necessary services, promises to cut operational costs of running a hotel to a bare minimum; with the front desk having blended with the back office through the software, one can sit back and watch the business flourish by letting the technology do the talking.


  • Billing & Accounting Management
  • Customer Management
  • Order Management & Tracking
  • Happy Hours Management
  • Multi Modifier Group
  • Inventory Control
  • Loyalty and Ad-hoc Promotions
  • Smart Card POS Management
  • Tax Management
  • Table Reservation
  • Recipe Management


Front Office

One-stop solution for all the hotel operations; Customer-welcoming module to manage check-in, check-out and reservation, quickly and with ease.


Supports multiple pay modes; Handle accounts of all transactions accurately and effectively; Assured accountability & error-free performance.

Dynamic Pricing

Highly flexible pricing system; Adjust prices as per demands and customers; Provisions to choose categories and targets.

Guest History

A record maintained for each guest with separate entry for each visit; Helpful in faster check-ins, applying discounts, and studying guest choices.

House Keeping

A reliable and accountable tool involved in the upkeep of the hotel to ensure hygiene and comfort throughout; Assured guest retention.

Laundry Management

Manage soiled linen effectively; Transport, sort, wash, and deliver on time; Establish cleaning standards and leave a lasting impression.

Inventory Management

Room and Floor-wise management; Greater stock visibility, Efficient maintenance and Multiple vendor management.

Restaurant/Bar POS Integration

Post the bills from the restaurant to the Front Office; Improved operational efficiency; Better understanding of guests' preferences.

Guest WiFi Solution

Equip the FO with the right tools to control internet usage; Create login credentials, Set validity, Configure availability & bandwidth.


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